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The 43rd running of the Physics Relay will take place this year on 23rd June at 1:15pm. So get yourself a team together and put in an entry.


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After a two year gap due to the pandemic the Physics Relay will this year , 2022 see its 43rd outing. The rules have never changed, though the route has ( they built a hotel over the old one, and then moved the Sports Centre!). The rules are:

1Team consists of four runners.
2The members of each team must have some loose relationship with
each other. (e.g. Physics Students, History Staff, Engineering Ladies, Bowland College...)
3The course mostly follows the woodland trail and is divided into four stages:

1) From start, head to the woodland path/jogging route and follow this to Alexandra Park.
Follow the bike lane around the road to changeover on the SW corner of Alexandra Park.
2) Follow woodland trail to changeover at woodland trail marker post near InfoLab. (1/2 mile)
3) Follow woodland trail to changeover at woodland trail marker post near Physics. (1/3 mile)
4) Follow woodland trail back to rugby pitch below Sports Centre, flagged around cricket pitch, and on final part to finish. (1.5 miles)
A map of the route can be found in the link at the bottom of the page. We advise all runners to reconnoitre their leg before the race. We rely on runners being able to follow the Woodland Trail, and will only be flaggging sections where it's route may not be clear. There are a couple of road crossings where care needs to be taken, and a couple of legs have gates to get through.

Ladies teams, mens teams and mixed teams are all encouraged. Batons are provided and the course is marked with flags and signs (featuring the logo shown at the top of this page). Prizes, consisisting of cans of lager or similar, will be presented for the winning teams in each of the following categories:
$\bullet$ First team (`Open')
$\bullet$ First all ladies team
$\bullet$ First mixed team (mixed = 2 men + 2 ladies or 1 man + 3 ladies)
$\bullet$ Team with fastest corrected time (with total age greater than 132) - see below.

Remember this is essentially a ``fun run'' with emphasis on participation but as always there is an element of competition!

The formula for age/gender correction used to calculate the 'corrected time' is available below, it adjusts a team's time based on age of the runners, where only competitors older than 33 will have an effect. There is an extra 10% correction for all female runners.

On the day

On the day of the event someone, most likely the first leg runner, needs to collect the team's baton from me at least 5 minutes before the start of the race. I (Alex Finch) will be standing close to the start. The other runners do not necessarily need to go to the Sports Centre and may prefer to go directly to their change over point. A few minutes before the start time all first leg runners should assemble at the start line ready for the off.

Runners who have completed their leg can gather on the slope above the Finish to cheer in the last leg runners. Shortly after all teams have completed the course there will be a prize giving near the Finish. Winning runners will have a choice of beverages to enhance their celebration.

Here is the formula for working out the corrected time (pdf)
Here is the formula for working out the corrected time (postscript)
Here is the formula for working out the corrected time (plain text)

This year's route is available in pdf format.

This picture is from 1984 and shows the originators of the event Frank Foster and Dick Collins exchanging the baton outside the physics department. The current organiser can be seen sporting some fetching red shorts and awaiting his incoming runner.